Sonic Ice Hopper

Pictured is the Sonic Ice Hopper Pro

Made in the USA, the HBR is a two bucket system that stores your battery securely in the bottom bucket with 3″ of additional dry storage. The top bucket can then be used for fish, rods or other equipment. The height of the system promotes improved leg circulation. The primary bucket has an adjustable rope handle and both buckets have ergonomic grips. All Sonic Ice Hoppers come fully assembled. Flasher and camera system not included. HBR comes with the Hopper Topper 1, but you can upgrade to Hopper Topper 2 (with blue foam insert) or downgrade to Hopper Topper 3 (standard 4-tab lid, no foam or cut-out).

*Please note that the SP is approx. 11″ long, the XL is approx. 15″ long and the Pro folds and telescopes from 11.5″ – 15″.


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