Ice Slammer Rods

The Ice Slammer ice rod series is a new addition to the Ice Hopper product line. This rod series offers the serious hard water angler 6 unique application specific rods with premium features at a very modest price point.
Features include:

  • Solid Carbon fast taper Blanks
  • Stainless Steel guide rings
  • Split Grip Cork handles
  • Thru handle blanks
  • Premium Gloss Black finish

Whether you’re sight fishing for bluegills in a tiny one man shelter or runn’n and gunn’n lakers out on a chunk of Canadian ice, there is an Ice Slammer rod that is up to the task.

The Ice Slammer Rods come in 6 length and powers. With true long rod like actions!!!!!

  • 24 inch Ultra-light
  • 24 inch Light
  • 26 inch Med-Light
  • 30 inch Medium
  • 32 inch Med-Heavy
  • 34 inch Heavy

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