Heavy Metal Tungsten Jigs

Smoothie Jig 

The success of the gold and silver plated Boogie ball last year directed out attention to the old school value a traditionally shaped round ball tungsten jig. The Smoothie is exactly that, a round ball tungsten jig with a relatively long shank hook.

Like all tungsten or wolfram jigs, the Smoothie is 1.7 times heavier than a comparably sized lead jig. The round shape also allows the Smoothie to hang at just right angle for that perfect upper lip hook up that we all love.  When you combine a perfect balance and long shank hook, you also get a perfect jig for many of the longer profile micro sized ice plastics such as the Ice Mite, Jumbo Wedgee Tail and new Domination Fry or STB from MicroSpoons & Jigs.

The Smoothie comes in 4 sizes ranging from 4mm all the way up to 8mm for those ultra deep presentations.  Check out all 12 of the custom painted (here in the USA) super glow and UV colors plus the stealthy Black Hole Nickel finish.


Boogie Balls are a tungsten or wolfram ball style jig. They hang horizontally and are covered in gem or crystal like facets.  They are available in genuine silver or gold plated finishes which make them glimmer and shine like a precious jewel. These jigs are most effective when combined with small live bait offerings like maggots (spikes or euro larvae) or micro sized soft plastics.  They are available in 3 sizes, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm.

Please note the weights as these jigs run small in size and weight compared to most other tungsten jigs like the traditional tear drop style offered by other companies.  So, for example, if you normally fish a 3mm tungsten tear drop, the 4mm Boogie Ball will fish very similarly.

If you’re after an epoxy painted round ball tungsten jig, check out our Smoothie jig. It’s available with over sized hooks and super glow colors all the way up to a massive  8mm deep water special.  It is also available in a stealthy Black Nickle finish too.

Tear Drop

The tear drop shaped tungsten jig has become the standard in horizontal ice jigs. The combination of it’s balanced shape and maximized hook gap clearance combined with tungsten’s extra weight, provides unparalleled performance.

I know it’s hard to believe but we improved our Heavy Metal tungsten tear drop shaped jig for this year.  Some of the originals are still available but in very limited supply.

Last year we listened to your feedback and made some adjustments.  These new jigs are still made of tungsten (wolfram) with nearly twice the weight as lead jigs. They are available now in 6 super glow and 6 UV reflective, precious metal colors.  All Custom Paint tungsten jigs sport super hard epoxy paint jobs and are proudly painted here in the USA.

All of these jigs for this season have larger, longer hooks. These new over sized hooks will allow you to thread those popular soft plastics on farther and pack a little more live bait on when needed too.  Available in size 3mm, 4mm and 5mm. Check the weight chart below to compare gram weights by size to ounces.

Also check out the newest additions to the Heavy Metal line up, the Kuu and Smoothie jigs.

Kuu Jig

The Kuu jig is an extra fat, tungsten jig with a crescent moon shape. It gets it’s name from the Finnish moon goddess Kuu.  So, we felt that with a moon shape and tungsten (wolfram) material from Scandinavian region of the world, Kuu was the perfect name for this jig.

By combining a slightly fatter than normal crescent moon shape with the heavy weight of tungsten, you get unbelievable performance from a vertical jig.  The Kuu drops like a knife through weeds and it’s slightly bulb shaped top gives a stronger electronic signal than lead moon shaped jigs. The Kuu is available in both UV and super glow colors that glow as bright as any full moon. The Kuu is available in two sizes and 12 colors.

Use the Kuu when the fish want a vertical live bait presentation or when you need that special vertizontal plastic presentation that can drive big fish crazy.