Ice Hopper Clothing

Ice Hopper Balaclava

The Black Ice Hopper Balaclava (IHB) is made in the USA from the best wind resistant domestic fleece available. Like all Ice Hopper products, quality and innovation are at its heart. Designed to keep out cold drafts that make your time outdoors uncomfortable, it comfortably drapes over your shoulders.

The IHB protects key areas: your neck, below your throat, and the back of your neck, in between your shoulder blades. It eliminates the problem with many balaclavas of bunching up at the base of the neck. A higher cut over the forehead allows sufficient room for most to wear their favorite fishing ball cap below without having the brim pulled down over their eyes. Micro barrel locks on the sides provide adjustability without affecting peripheral vision or discomfort when worn under helmets. A large barrel lock in back makes “blind” adjustments effortless.

The Balaclava comes in three sizes: Adult, Youth and XL/”Melon Head”. The youth size is intended for the youngsters when they first start their outdoor forays with dad. My son is in second grade and it fits him perfectly. The “Melon Head” size is available by popular demand. Apparently, all that time in the field increases the brain matter substantially. So, for you guys who spend ALL that time afield, this one’s for you.


Ice Hopper Hand Sock

The Ice Hopper Hand sock (fingerless mitten) is designed to provide unparralelled dexterity, yet keep your hands toasty warm. Made in the USA from the same premium quality domestic fleece as our balaclava. Black material is wind resistant fleece and Camo material is mid-weight standard fleece.

This fingerless mitten covers your entire hand and keeps your fingers and thumb in contact to “keep each other warm”. The relatively thin fleece allows for considerable flexibility when the fingers are tucked inside or allows for any or all of your fingers to be extended through the slot when needed. The long spandex reinforced knit cuff seals out cold and provides a secure fit.

This product is for anyone who ventures into the cold who wants unsurpassed warmth and available dexterity. Ice fishermen, trout fishermen, stealheaders, archers, golfers etc will all appreciate the Ice Hopper Hand Sock! Available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL.

Hand Socks sold individually. Why? Depending on your application, you can customize each hand with a tighter or looser fit. Or you may want three hand socks in case one gets wet. Choose the combination that works for you.


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